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Jigmat (Jigsaw Mat) from Jigthings

A Jigthings Puzzle Mat (Jigmat) serves the same purpose as a puzzle roll but it is easier to manage
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Don’t put away your Puzzle – Cover it Over with a Puzzle Mat

"My jigsaw puzzle mats enable me to use my table for all sorts of other things and forget my jigsaw puzzle is even there"

Each of our jigsaw mats consists of two parts: the "Bottom Half" is used for the construction of the jigsaw whilst the "Top Half" is used to cover the puzzle in-situ when it is not being used. This is a much easier solution to managing puzzles for the following reason….

Traditional puzzle rolls are notoriously difficult to use - to pack away the jigsaw into its puzzle tube you must ensure that it is rolled tightly enough to keep the pieces in place but not too tightly to damage the fragile cardboard jigsaw "knobs".

With our jigsaw puzzle mats the jigsaw pieces never even move! They stay exactly where you left them until you resume puzzling.

Jigmats come in 4 different sizes as follows:

Jigmat 500: Puzzle mat for most jigsaws up to 500 pieces: 20.5" (520mm) x 15.5" (390mm)

Jigmat 1000: Puzzle mat for most jigsaws up to 1000 pieces: 29.5" (750mm) x 20.5" (520mm)

Jigmat 1500: Puzzle mat for most jigsaws up to 1500 pieces: 36" (920mm) x 26" (660mm)

Jigmat 3000: Puzzle mat for most jigsaws up to 3000 pieces: 59" (1500mm) x 35.5" (900mm)

If you have ever used a jigsaw roll then you will know that the felt material tends to crease and wrinkle so that the surface is not pleasant to work with. But with our jigsaw mats this is never the case.

Jigmats have a black polypropylene backing to make sure that they always lay flat on your table. The surface that you use for constructing your jigsaw is a grey flock material that is just like our famous Jigboards. It is easy to move pieces into place on the puzzle mat but at the same time it has the quality of making cardboard pieces "Stick" to it so that they don’t easily get knocked off and lost.

Each purchase of a jigsaw puzzle mat comes with two identical pieces. You make the puzzle on one piece and cover it down with the other. Each time that you need your table for something else you simply put the lid on!

You can stand things on top of the Jigmat (it is waterproof and easily wiped clean), put a tablecloth over it, or put a heat resistant mat on top of it if you require extra protection for your table.

With care you can use the table as if the jigsaw wasn’t there – the difficulty of putting-away a jigsaw is now a thing of the past.

Spot the jigsaw! The puzzle, complete with its puzzle mat, is beneath the tablecloth. Jigmat is thin enough but durable enough to ensure that you can throw a table cloth over it and forget about the jigsaw. All the jigsaw pieces are sandwiched safely between the two sheets of the mat.

Inevitably the jigsaw mat beneath the tablecloth will create a slight undulation but you will find that cups and glasses will usually stand quite firm. As an added precaution you might like to put a heat resistant mat on top of the Jigmat to completely level it out and ensure absolute safety.

Our puzzle mats come in four different sizes and all of them can easily be cut using ordinary scissors. By "Mixing and Matching" you can completely cover a table of any size.

Jigmats are ideal for extremely large jigsaw puzzles. By covering your table with jigmats that are cut to size you can do any puzzle up to the size of your table.

Throughout the time that it takes to do your large puzzle (and it often takes a matter of weeks!) you can constantly use your table for other purposes.

Please note that all prices include shipping within the U.S.A.


Jigmat 500

Jigsaw puzzle mat for most puzzles up to 500 pieces. This is the smallest jigsaw mat in our range Size is 20.5" (520mm) x 15.5" (390mm)


Jigmat 500 - Jigmat 500 Piece

Jigmat 1000

Jigsaw puzzle mat for most puzzles up to 1,000 pieces. Size is 29.5" (750mm) x 20.5" (520mm)


Jigmat 1000 - Jigmat 1000 Piece

Jigmat 1500

Jigsaw puzzle mat for most puzzles up to 1,500 pieces. Size is 36" (920mm) x 26" (660mm)


Jigmat 1500 - Jigmat 1500 Piece

Jigmat 3000

Jigsaw puzzle mat for most puzzles up to 3,000 pieces. This is the largest jigsaw mat in our range. Size is 59" (1500mm) x 35.5" (900mm)

Sorry Discontinued

Jigmat 3000 - Jigmat 3000 Piece

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